Meet the photographer



My name is Rachel and I am a local photographer located in Geneva, IN. My photography story began when I was 15 years old as a simple hobby with a digital camera. Little did I know, my simple hobby would develop into an amazing journey that has led me to become a Lifestyle Photographer! I get to express myself everyday by capturing the beauty of others. Typical photographer talk right?

Do I travel for photo shoots? YES, OF COURSE!! Please, if you are interested shoot me an email and I can accommodate your needs! 

A few of my favorite things when doing a photo shoot would be: 

1. When couples incorporate their hobbies into their engagement session. Hey, if you like sports, lets do some sports pictures! If you enjoy building forts, then lets build a fort in your living room! I am a fun, outgoing girl who loves unique ideas. 

2. Pets. I love pets!  If you have a special pet(s) that's part of your family please bring them! There's nothing more special than including them into your photo session! Treats will be on me! It won't take them long for me to become their favorite photographer, I promise! 

3. For the children, I always love capturing them with their special toys. If you have a child who has a blankie and/or stuffed pig that they take EVERYWHERE, bring it along! It's such a special way to capture their personality at that moment in their life. Who's to say that 15 years down the road they won't get a kick out of it! 

4. Last but not least, Seniors. Seniors are one of my favorite types of sessions to take! What exactly turns a good Senior session to a GREAT Senior session? Two things actually! First is hobbies. Do you rock the violin, live to paint, bowl like nobody else, or even just love something as simple as playing a sport? Anything that will make your senior session special to you makes them in my opinion, 100% better! I want your pictures to tell your story! Second thing is your outfit! Duh! Bring tons of outfits to choose from. You never know which one will look the best with the location were at; an outfit can make the whole session!