This is officially my last 2018 senior post... and just in time for graduation! I met Taylor last Summer/Fall when we did her first part of her senior session. I wanted to tell you a few things about this girl that I personally love... from knowing her a short period of time I can tell you she is kind, really laid back because she did whatever I insisted, obviously very pretty and she seems very driven. We were talking about her plans after high school and she seems like she has a great plan and is determined to get it done! Keep it up girl! 

The day we had her session we were supposed to get huge thunderstorms but guess what?? No rain whats so ever!!! We originally planned downtown Decatur and then I had an idea pop in my head (because we originally were supposed to get a ton of rain)... but why not do some at The Grainery?? I have never done a session there and I have a friend who works there so sure enough she came and unlocked the doors for us and we practically had the whole greenhouse to ourselves. 

I had a wonderful time with Taylor and her mom so I want to wish you best with your last week of school and of course graduation! This is a huge milestone of your life so enjoy it and have some fun with it! 

Much love,



How cute is this place? If you are a local to Decatur or simply love a good greenhouse then I would highly recommend checking out The Grainery in Decatur, IN. It not only has a great floral side but a gift-able/home good side as well! 


We used every inch of this place! The florals were so colorful and in perfect bloom. 


After our greenhouse session we did just a few shots downtown Decatur and we called it day! 


We were all finished up with photos and we passed this Ford truck. Turns out Taylor's boyfriend is OBSESSED with Fords so naturally we have to take a photo with it right??  

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