Raugh & Mishler Wedding

It’s been awhile but I am back! I have so many fun sessions to post for you guys but we are going to start with the Raugh and Mishler wedding.

So real talk for a second… I think it’s official to say I am terrible at blogging and can never stay consistent with it! My goal for 2019 is to really try to blog more and let you see more into my sessions because there is so much you don’t see that is truly amazing.

Kyle and Liv got married in downtown Fort Wayne at the Free Mason’s Hall. Though we didn’t do many city shots they really wanted to visit the Botanical Gardens for most of our session. For those of you who have never been to the Botanical Gardens, GO! It’s so much fun and it’s especially fun for photographers. It makes a great alternative spot in the Winter time when you don’t want to be stuck in the chilly weather.

We had a pretty quick wedding day actually so I just posted more of the highlights that I enjoyed more in hopes that you enjoy them too! Here is a wedding tip from me to my future brides.. soak it all in! It goes so fast so it’s totally worth it to just enjoy the day and soak up that love from your hubby!



With October weddings finally means those dark reds and burgundies… MY FAVORITE!


This vine wall has all of my heart! I am considering doing mini sessions here after the Holidays once things go back to a slower pace!


Another goal of mine in 2019 is to do more groom shots. Sometimes the groom gets left out during the wedding day because the focus is on the bride 90% of the time. More Groom portrait shots are a must!


This jumping shot is impressive but i’m even more impressed nobody split their pants!


I’ve got to say that Liv has some serious moves!! Thank you again to everyone who helped make this day so wonderful for these two!

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