Murray Family

Hello Murray family!

I have known Tyler since he was just a little man now he is growing so fast I can't keep up. Lisa wanted to refresh on some family shots and of course some new shots of just Mr. Tyler so after we did a little emailing back and fourth I happened to stumble across this area down by the river and I instantly fell in love! I hurried and captured some photos and sent them over to Lisa just hoping she would love it too... and she did! It was so much fun to be able to venture out to this area because I mean look at it, its gorgeous. Tyler did so great for his shoot and he even loved my drone even though shortly after it may have flown into the water LOL! It's currently getting fixed and I will soon be back in the drone shooting business. Thanks again Murray family for being such great models. 



When all else fails... TICKLE MONSTER! 


Not only have I been loving this view of my drone my clients have been too! It's been such a new fun technique at photoshoots lately! 


Thanks again Murray family and I hope to see you soon!