Wow! The class of 2018 so far has been incredible and super busy! I have had gobs of emails in regards to getting seniors booked in. Conner is from Celina but really wanted an Industrial look incorporated into his photos so he decided to come to Berne. Though Conner may not have been so "excited" to get his photo taken he did a great job! Thanks again for coming over to Berne and enjoy your post! 

When he said he wanted industrial I really had to stop and think about that for awhile. Where in Berne would there be more industrial locations. So for starters.. we decided to hit up EP Graphics. Then of course we walked and found some hidden treasures in some alleyways downtown Berne. 

I am a big fan of the sunglasses and hat. Props are always welcome to bring along seniors! 

Thanks again Conner & enjoy!