Schortgen Family

Another family has hit the blog. Say hello to the Schortgen family. Many of you locals will probably recognize the mom of the group, Jeremi who also has her own photographer business. Yellowcreek Photography ---> Go check her out!  Jeremi and I have agreed to swap on family photos this year so you will probably see my family popping  up on her social media later this Fall. Let me tell you these two kiddos are super sweet and since they are comfortable in front of the camera they did AWESOME! Thank you again Schortgen family for letting me capture such fun moments and enjoy! 


Requested was to capture some mom & dad shots... like DUH! Of course mom & dad need 10 minutes in front of the camera! 

We made sure to capture tons of Jeremi and her two kiddos. Since she is usually the one busy taking the photos she never gets her own photos with her kids. 

Can you guess what movie he is "acting" from? Let me give you a hint... it involves  Gryffindor & Slytherin and a whole lot of magic

Thank you again Schortgen family!!