Hello senior post! This pretty senior happens to be my rep for South Adams High School! If you attend her or know Keirstyn, she does have cards that offer 15% off to all you other seniors who want to do a session with me. I took Keirstyn to some new locations I have never actually been before so I was a little nervous before I went but they turned out beautiful. 

My favorites are the one's down by the water. Boy... you have no idea what its like carrying a heavy chair down a muddy hill while the local Amish are staring at you the whole time while you struggle half laughing half breaking a sweat! BUT, they were sooo worth the struggle. 

I enjoy a little adventure in a session ;) it makes it more interesting. A little risk for an amazing shot is how I like to roll. Well, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek Keirstyn and you will have your final images soon! Thank you for being an awesome rep!