Anddd Sylvia's back! Seriously though isn't she gorgeous?! We've been waiting on for some snow and when she texted me the other night to let me know it was going to snow I was stoked! & boy oh boy she sure got the snow! We were laughing during our session because it was snowing so hard at one point it was almost hard to even take any pictures but we weren't leaving till we did and I am so glad we stuck it out! 

Big shoutout to her boyfriend who brought this seriously amazing car. It made the whole session for us! Thank you so much for lugging it around in the snow for us! We were in between takes and he would dry off the hood of the car for us so it wouldn't be soaking wet! You've got a keeper Sylvia! 

I have to admit there was probably a good 3 times I about wiped out about sliding down the side ditch! So thankful I didn't actually fall and I am also thankful she didn't slip in her heels. Well, I hope you enjoy your session we had because I LOVEEEEEE it! Thank you for being my senior rep for the 2015 graduating class from South Adams! 

If you are interested in being a possibly rep for me for the 2016 class don't be shy to contact me to check out what it includes and the benefits!