& the 2015 seniors begin!

If you follow my blogging you know that I had a prior senior session with miss Lakeisha. If you haven't seen it then its a must see! This girl is seriously amazingly photogenic. Also she puts up with my crazy ideas so I like her :) 

Winter was her second choice of season to end her senior pictures. For you who don't know me I love the snow and take pictures in the show but I hate hate hate hate hate hate the cold! I always show up to my sessions with several layers of clothes, heavy gloves, and some sort of head wrap. I look ridicules but hey I wont be seen in these pictures! 

We started are session late so we were short on time so we may have another snow session for you ladies and gentlemen here soon after we get another pretty snow! Oh I hope so!  So make sure you look out for this gem on the blog in the near future! 

Thank you again Lakeisha for being an awesome client & for dealing with my crazy self at photo sessions! I look forward to another snow session! :)