Traci & T.J.

Yippie! I am happy to show you my second engagement session with Traci and T.J. Traci picked out both the spots for them to do pictures at and I was very pleased with them!  I have been in the Grand Wayne Center but I've never actually taken pictures inside before! It was so open and full of light and made for some amazing pictures and we didn't have to freeze our butts off! :)

They even brought the baseball that T.J. used to propose to Traci back in September! Seriously, it was like an engagement you see in the movies! Future husband of mine someday, take some tips!

I also got to meet their fur baby Daytona! She was excited to say the least! But I love dogs so I was happy they brought her along! Nothing cuter then when you take pictures with your animals. Well guys, I hope you enjoy your blog post and I hope you enjoy your pictures! Thanks for wearing AWESOME outfits and being so fun and easy to work with! 

Now its just countdown to the big day! Now enough of my talking.... lets get to the pics! Thats all anyone wants to see anyways!